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i) Eligibility Criteria :
. Age should be above 20 years.
. Myopia up to -15.00 and hypermetropia up to +4.00.
. Power should be constant for last one year ( Power should not have changed more than 0.75D)
. Presence of old or active corneal disease is a hindrance for Lasik treatment.
ii) Preliminary Examination :
. All patients must take a detailed refraction test with their present glasses to check the exact power and also to assess the stability of power when compared with earlier glasses or   records.
. Those who are using contact lens should discontinue the use of contact lenses before the preliminary examination. Soft contact lens users should discontinue their use a  minimum of 4 weeks and semisoft contact lens users should discontinue use a minimum of 6 weeks, before preliminary examination.
. After detailed refraction and vision testing, a slit lamp examination is conducted to rule out the presence of dry eye, glaucoma and any other corneal diseases.
. Detailed retinal examination including a scleral depressor examination must carried out to rule out any retinal abnormalities. In the presence of retinal degeneration, these  conditions will be treated prophylacticaly with green laser at least three weeks before the actual Lasik surgery. Presence of extensive retinal degeneration and staphylomata will increase the chances of complications during and after Lasik surgery.
. Once a comprehensive eye examination is completed, Pachymetry to measure the thickness of the cornea and Corneal Topography to rule out keratoconus and to establish the  curvature of the cornea will be performed. In thin corneas and the presence of an abnormal cornea curvature Lasik cannot be performed. In high powers adequate corneal  thickness must present for complete power correction .